The curriculum of Philosophy Department is designed to allow students to approach concepts, questions and problems in philosophy from a broader perspective. Paying attention to the consideration of human as a social, historical and cultural entity, the department takes into account the fact that students are also acquainted with the common cultural heritage of humanity and prioritizes that students have the technological abilities, necessities of today. Accredited by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Language History-Geography Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation Commission (FEDEK), the department is also recognized as the leading institution of our country in philosophy and philosophical consultancy for children, which has frequently made a name for itself in recent years.

As part of their graduation project, students are given the chance to practice the courses in schools located in Maltepe District. Students who are encouraged for practice can voluntarily gain work experience in publishing houses, private educational institutions, various media outlets and meet the labor market. 

The faculty includes academicians who have made a name for themselves in the field and contribute to proliferation of philosophical thinking and knowledge with their unique work in national and international contexts. The faculty members who contribute to the Center for Research and Application of Human Rights Share are mainly involved in both the management and scientific studies of the Turkish Philosophical Institution Association. Some of the faculty members have served as members of the Committee of the National Commission of Turkey Specialized in Philosophy and the Human Rights Specialization Committee. Moreover, the Philosophy Department supports two UNESCO Pulpits of Maltepe University.

Faculty members, who have very strong connections with philosophy group teachers working in secondary schools in our country, support these teachers from time to time in terms of in-service education. 

Besides being academician, graduates can work as writers, journalists, editors or philosophical consultants.

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