Psychology is a branch of science that examines the mental and emotional processes at the heart of human behavior in every context. The transformation of this branch of science into a profession is realized by applications that are planned to change human behavior and solve problems with the integration of information obtained within the science of psychology with certain abilities and skills. The department has been accredited by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Language History-Geography Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation Commission (FEDEK).

Psychology has a wide range of sub-branches such as clinical psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, forensic psychology and social psychology. Earning master's degrees, graduate are specialized in a fied of their interest and entitled as expert psychologist.

Graduates of the department can work as instructors/academicians who teach psychology discipline at high schools, colleges and universities; as researchers who conduct basic and applied research on human behavior in research units at universities and official and civil institutions; as professional staff, managers, consultants and experts in various clinics, mental health organizations, rehabilitation and family counseling centers, industry and other businesses, courts, courthouses and detention centers, advertising agencies, mass communication centers such as radio and television stations, centers for evaluation, especially those that produce equipment for evaluation, military institutions and organizations, nursing homes, driver evaluation centers and many other institutions.

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