Department of Social Work implements an education-training program that aspires to raise professionals who have the integration ability within the framework of professional responsibilities, conduct successful studies at national and international levels, provide services by integrating and internalizing the necessary information for social care, and establish special institutions and organizations in their fields.

Practice is integral part of the curriculum in the Department of Social Work. From their first year on, students are introduced to application models in different fields. Theory, research and practice are evaluated in a model that is integrated with a contemporary understanding. The goal is to help students learn basic theories, concepts and analysis tools along with social service practices. The Department is a member of European Association of Schools of Social Work (EASSW).

The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, nurseries and day care centers, Family Counseling Centers, Nursing Center for Old People, Rehabilitation Centers, hospitals, Prisons, Social Security Institution, units of local governments are the main institutions where social work specialists work. Graduates can take on regulatory, planner and practitioner roles as Social Workers in public, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

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