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Department of Sociology aspires to educate social scientists who will conduct research on human origin and social institutions, their development, function and relation with one another, and the principles and rules that determine these relations, and social problems and solutions. Accredited by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Language History-Geography Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation Commission (FEDEK), the department considers and presents "theory," "research" and "practice" as an entity.

The program is designed to equip students with the theoretical and methodological knowledge in the first four semesters, and in the meantime enable them to meet certain social institutions; strengthen their theoretical and methodological knowledge and skills in practice in the fifth and sixth semesters; reflect the face of sociology towards the public sphere in the “specialization” dimension in the seventh and eighth semesters.

Starting with courses on research methods in the second year, the Department of Sociology curriculum also provides students with the opportunity to gain work experience and take part in research projects by bringing them together with faculty members and graduate students.

Department graduates find employment as experts, project managers and sociologists in public sector and private sector institutions, human resources departments of private companies, media organizations, research companies, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, Ministry of Health. Moreover, they can serve in supervised detention directorates, prisons, detention centers and nursing centers for child protection and old people as sociologist, expert and/or researcher and as family advisors after obtaining the required certificates.

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