School of Nursing

The mission of the School of Nursing is to train nurses who can provide holistic care services to improve, protect, treat and rehabilitate individual, family and community health. The curriculum designed in this regard trains nurses who think critically, make decisions, have advanced problem solving skills, communicate effectively, adhere to nursing values ​​and ethical principles besides have professional competency. 

Students take clinical courses in Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Educaton Research Hospital, which serves as part of Maltepe University and is equipped with modern technological equipment. 

In the final year, all students are given the opportunity to experience professional life with one-year intern education. Students do internships in intensive care units for one semester, and participate in clinical practice studies in a selected area in the second semester of intern programs.

Graduates can work in hospitals, community health centers, primary and secondary schools, home care institutions, polyclinics, offices and as academicians at Nursery Schools.

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