Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law aspires to prepare individuals who want to learn and apply law to competitive challenges of their professional lives, equip them with knowledge and experience that will bring solutions to all kinds of legal issues; train its academic staff as faculty members who are competent in all disciplines of law at international standards and contribute to the development of law through research activities. The duration of our undergraduate program is 4 years, and, unlike other faculties, undergraduate studies in law embrace a holistic manner without any subdivisions.

Graduates of the faculty begin their professional life as law practitioners who have the basic legal formation, a good knowledge of the Turkish legal system as well as the international legal system, are competent in terms of the ever-changing branches of law, have the skills to comment, analyze, and communicate their opinions in writing and verbally. The instruction language of our faculty has been Turkish since 2020. Students are also offered the opportunity to study at English Preparatory Class and learn at least one foreign language at advanced level. Courses such as The Beginning of Law, Civil Law, Economics, Informatics, Roman Law, Labor Law and Social Security Law, Forensic Medicine, Criminal Law are offered in the curriculum of the department.

Those who successfully complete the Faculty of Law can take charge in mediation, academic legal counseling and management, and any areas of law practice with the titles of lawyer, conciliator, judge, prosecutor and notary. 

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