Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The mission of our faculty is to train graduates who are mindful, aware of themselves and their environment and have the ability constantly renew themselves.

From Thales to Democritus, from Aristotle to Ibni Arabi, from Ibni Haldun to Ziya Gökalp, Takiyettin Mengüşoğlu, Nermi Uygur... Students who meet those raised in this geography and many more try to understand the person and the society with the fund of knowledge they achieve in our faculty. Research that aims to identify the thinking and questioning person of the 21st century shows that the primary condition to raise qualified individual passes through a well-educated human and social science education. As we all know, the most important scientists and developed countries of the world owe their successes to good psychology, sociology and philosophy education... The aim of our faculty is to educate graduates who are mindful of themselves and their environment and can constantly keep themselves up-to-date.

In our faculty, in-depth studies are conducted in human rights, law, ethics, education, consultancy, artificial intelligence, politics as well as philosophical interviews and seminars open to public; clinical training is provided for children, families and elderly groups.


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