Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

Our faculty aspires to train students who are the “wanted” employees, not “job seekers” of the future when they graduate by strengthening its activities with a strong business and university network.

Strategy, politics, risk, balance, decision, method, crisis, target… Time is changing, so are the methods and discourses, but the key problems do not change. In our faculty, we aim to train future leaders who can create solutions for key points of business, economy and politics.

Our students discover their interest in elective courses such as entrepreneurship and e-commerce; moreover, they step into the business world with internships in the world's leading institutions and organizations. Our faculty stands out with its scientific studies in the fields of digitalization, digital marketing, logistics, trade-master, human resources management, political science, and regional political issues, as well as activities such as the “International Business and Marketing Congress” that has an influence in its field.

The activities that our faculty runs with the aim of making our students to be the “distinguished” employees, not “job seekers,” are strengthening with the cooperation of business world and university.

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