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International students who apply for undergraduate programs are required to submit the following documents that meet admission requirements stated below.

  • High School Diploma High School Diploma

    The applicant is required to submit a copy of high school diploma according to international exam and diploma types at online application.

    If high diploma is absent at online application, a temporary graduation certificate and certificates that document GPAs per year, and optionally exam scores such SAT are required to be submitted to the system. English or Turkish translations of notarized documents whose language is other than English must be uploaded.

  • Transcript Transcript

    The applicant is required to submit a copy of the latest transcript that lists taught courses for each academic year.

  • Passport Passport

    The applicant must submit a copy of the ID page of valid passport.

  • Language Test Language Test

    For programs whose instruction language is English, the applicants are required to submit following tests with minimum scores stated below.

    Department Minimum Score for MAU Proficieny Exam YDS YÖKDİL PTE Academic TOEFL iBT IB
    English Language Teaching Department 70 75 75 90 6
    Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department 60 65 67 78 5
    Law School 60 65 67 78 5
    Public Relations and Publicity Department 60 65 67 78 5
    Psychology Department 60 65 67 78 5
    International Trade and Logistics Management Department 60 65 67 78 5
    Faculty of Medicine 60 65 67 78 5
    Other Faculties, Colleges 55 60 55 72 4

    In case none of tests is available at online application, applicants are required to take proficiency exams offered at Maltepe University. Applicants who pass the exam with minimum scores stated above are exempted from English Preparatory School and start their undergraduate program.

    For programs whose instruction language is Turkish, the applicant must submit TÖMER test score that documents his/her proficiency in Turkish. A minimum score of B2 or above is required for admission. (The test score must be submitted at the registration the latest.)

  • Other Documents Other Documents

    If the applicant has a national (e.g. YÖS) or international exam result (SAT, GCE A Level, Interna-tional and European Baccalaureate) in addition to a high school diploma, he or she must upload a copy of the program certificate to Other Documents section in online application.

    Undergraduate students who want to transfer to Maltepe University must follow the same application procedures explained above and submit their applications at the time of admissions.

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