Distance Learning

Internet-based distance education is an education model that brings students and lecturers together in a virtual environment by making use of the opportunities of constantly developing information technologies, and provides students with the opportunity to access educational materials online.

According to The Council of Higher Education (CoHE)’s report that analyzed the distance education procedure started in universities due to COVID-19 global pandemic, Maltepe University ranked the first among the foundation universities in Turkey in number of online classes and live classroom practices at undergraduate level.

At Maltepe University, 2.532 online lectures were held at the undergraduate level and 2.110 lectures with live classroom practices. Our university also ranked in top 10 among all foundation universities in terms of implementing distance education at postgraduate level.

Blackboard Learn Ultra Learning Management System is used to conduct distance education programs in our university. By logging into the Blackboard System, students can access the course materials at any time, communicate with the lecturer via call and video, send their assignments, message with their classmates and lecturers, and participate in discussion forums.

Maltepe University Distance Education Application and Research Center prepares teaching materials that will facilitate learning by enriching the course contents visually.

In the programs that use distance education model, our students are not required to come to class, except for the final exams. All other learning activities, including midterm exams, are carried out on the Blackboard System.

Currently, our university offers three graduate programs: e-Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Turkish), e-MBA Without Thesis (English) and e-MBA Without Thesis (Turkish).

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