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Maltepe University is aware of the fact that it is crucial to be in harmony with individuals, institutions, cultures and all the societies of the world in order to develop and make progress on an international platform.

"Internationalization” is considered as an important step for easy transferable studies of any kinds in research, education and technology in our university. The long-term goals of Maltepe University with regards to the internationalization and the path to be followed to achieve these goals are as the following:

  • To ensure the international recognition and validity of the programs offered by Maltepe University,
  • To raise international participation in courses and programs offered by Maltepe University,
  • To increase student exchange agreements between Maltepe University and universities abroad,
  • To increase academic and professional activities at international level,
  • To raise intercultural awareness.

In line with all these goals, Maltepe University established the International Office in 2004. The purpose has been to build collaborations with distinguished international institutions and organizations, adapt to rapid rapid in the academic world and gain reputation in international level.  

Having received the "Erasmus University Statement" in 2004, Maltepe University has signed a total of 626 mobility agreements with 122 departments of 109 different universities in 27 countries.

Our university that has been hosting international students since 2004 continues to create new opportunities for all stakeholders in the international arena by building links with distinguished universities abroad to provide student and faculty exchanges and opportunities for joint research and scientific work.

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