Prospective Students

International students who apply for undergraduate programs are required to submit the following documents that meet admission requirements stated below.

  • How To Apply

    All applications to our programs are accepted online.

    To apply for undergraduate degrees, you can start the online application from the link.

    First, you have to sign up and open an account on the online application system. Following the instructions, you can upload the required documents. After your first log in, you can sign out and go back to complete your application at any time you want.

    After uploading all the required documents, you can send your application for assessment.

    In the course of assessment, you can check the status of your application, logging into your account. International Office will also inform you about the recent status of your application via e-mail on a regular basis.

    Following the same instructions, you can apply for the graduate programs from the link.

  • Tuition Fees & Scholarships

    Here is the list of (2021-2022)  tuition fee of Maltepe University programs: 

    Doctorate (Third Cycle): 8.625 USD (package)

    Proficiency in Art Programs: 8.625 USD (package)

    Graduate Programs : 4.600 USD (package)

    All programs (except the Faculty of Medicine) instructed in Turkish: 4.000 USD

    All programs (except the Faculty of Medicine) instructed in English : 5.000 USD
    The Faculty of Medicine (Turkish): 10.000 USD

    The Faculty of Medicine (English): 14.000 USD

    Vocational School: 4.000 USD (per year)

    The fee of one-year English Preparatory Class amounts to one-year fee of the admitted undergraduate program.

    As the applicant submits the application for the study program, the application is considered for scholarship automatically. Therefore, a separate application for scholarship is not needed.

    Scholarship covers one-year English Preparatory Class fee plus the tuition fee of the complete undergraduate studies.

  • Dorm Application

    There are six types of dorms with single and double options in Marmara Education Village. To apply for dorms, you can fill out Dorm Application Form and send your application to Dorms Management.

    Here is the list of 2021-2020 dorm prices.

    Room Types Single Room Double Room (Per Person) Deposit (USD)
    Rooms with Kitchen on the 1st and 2nd Floor (Apartments No 3,4,5,6 A-B-C Type) 31.000 + VAT 18.000 + VAT 100$
    1st and 2nd Floor Rooms without Kitchen (E-F Type) 31.000 + VAT 18.000 + VAT 100$
    1st and 2nd Floor Rooms with Kitchen (D Type Single) 28.000 + VAT - 100$
    Ground Floor Kitchen Rooms (Apartments No 1, A-B-C Type) 26.000 + VAT 16.000 + VAT 100$
    Ground Floor Rooms Without Kitchen (E-F Type) 26.000 + VAT 16.000 + VAT 100$
    Ground Floor Rooms With Kitchen (D Single) 24.000 + VAT - 100$

    For detailed information about dorms, please click here.


  • Welcome Pack

    Welcome Pack is a transfer and hosting service for the new international students starting with welcoming at the airport, transfer to Marma Hotel Istanbul Asia at Marmara Education Village and staying at hotel during the registration period.

    For the pricing and content of the Welcome Pack, please fill out the Contact Form.

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